For my very first post, I thought it would be fitting to upload some pics of our newest office baby, Taj.  As some of you are aware, our second son, Taj is now 2 months old and I know many of you have been eager to see pictures of him.   Thanks to all of our wonderful patients who were so thoughtful to ask about him.  This is really the best part of living in Hawaii.  The emphasis on ohana.  And, since our practice is run by myself and my husband, we hope to continue that feeling of ohana – our ohana taking care of yours.

When I started bringing my first son, Nikhil, to the office, I was met with such a positive reception from our Honolulu Eye Clinic patients.  They didn’t think it was odd or unprofessional that I would want my son close by, instead so many wanted to actually see him!  And, of course, our staff loves having Nikhil around and he has grown up with 8 aunties who dote on him at all times (I fear sometimes that he will think that it is normal to be surrounded by young, pretty girls who drop everything for him!).  Most of all, it was ideal for me, so that I could continue nursing Nikhil throughout the day and see him in between patients, when time permitted.  It definitely reduced my mom guilt about returning to work (as I’m sure many you working moms out there are familiar with).  I love what I do – taking care of children’s eyes and adult strabismus, as well as restoring my patients’ appearance with Botox and fillers.  This really is my passion.  But, I love my kids too and this way I don’t have to choose!

So, without further ado.  Taj Cameron Wong was born a hefty 8 pounds 4 ounces at Queen’s Medical Center on October 26, 2011.  As a side note- I highly recommend delivering at Queen’s.  The nurses are great, the lactation consultants are phenomenal, the facilities are state of the art.  Overall, a wonderful experience.


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