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Cynthia Iverson – The Eyes Have It
– Cataract Surgery with a Restor Lens


Our eyes may be small, but they certainly do rule the roost when it comes to our bodies.  I had been told that our eyes must always be level or our body will adjust itself to make sure that happens.  Our knees, hips and spine will crinkle and shift until our eyes are balanced.  Also, they say our eyes are a mirror to our soul and the lighthouse to our brain.  These certainly are scary thoughts when you realize something is very wrong with your eyes and things have become a blur.


I’m not sure exactly when it happened but there were clues.  First my glasses didn’t seem strong enough.  I’d have to move papers back and forth to find the right reading length and often pulled out a magnifying glass to enhance my vision.  Things around the edges seemed fuzzy.  People waving from across the street were friendly but I had no idea who they were.  The moment of truth came when I was driving one evening and realized I could not see the car in front of me because the oncoming car lights were blinding me.  It was a very scary ride home, one my husband will not soon forget.  It was definitely time to see Dr. Rupa Wong and find out what was going on.


After a thorough eye exam the diagnosis was cataracts.  Easily fixable, the solution would require cataract surgery which has become quite common today.  The only real question was what type of replacement lens to use.  We discussed my lifestyle, age, career and hobbies to determine which lens would give me the best vision.  We reviewed my health insurance coverage and financing options.  Dr. Rupa explained the various alternatives and together we decided to go with multi-focal lenses since they would be most like my natural lenses.


Within 24 hours after surgery my eye sight was remarkable.  Today I am free of eye glasses.  Colors are brighter, images are sharper, reading is effortless and driving is better and safer.  Unfortunately my new vision, does have one drawback, it has increased my need to clean the house since I now see every speck of dust my cataracts once hid.


From diagnosis to post surgery exams the Honolulu Eye Clinic provided excellent care.  One of the things I appreciate most about their practice is their ability to balance the use of new technology with old fashioned warmth and customer service.   I highly recommend their services because you can count on the doctors and their staff to be personal, professional and pleasant.


My eyes are once again my windows to the world, and the world is looking pretty spectacular!