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Maddie – Esotropia

Maddie and her mom came to see Dr. Rupa Wong when Maddie was just 6 months old. She was a beautiful girl with big gorgeous green eyes, but Maddie’s mom was worried that her eyes were crossed. After a full exam, Dr. Wong diagnosed Maddie with esotropia.  Esotropia is a type of misalignment of the eyes in which the eyes cross in towards the nose. Since Maddie was also a bit farsighted, glasses were prescribed to see if this could align her eyes without surgery.  Maddie returned one month later and since her eyes were still crossing the same amount, surgery was discussed.

In Maddie’s case, it was important to operate as soon as possible to align her eyes.  This way, she would learn to use her two eyes together and develop threedimensional vision or stereoacuity at a young age.  Since her eyes were crossing, Maddie was only looking at the world with one eye at a time and did not have 3D vision.  Surgery would consist of weakening the inner muscle (the medial rectus muscle) of each eye so that it wasn’t pulling the eye in so hard.  Maddie’s parents decided to proceed with surgery to give her the chance for the best vision possible.

Maddie after surgery

Maddie did great during the surgery.  After the surgery, her eyes were perfectly straight and she even developed 3D vision!!  Her mom had noticed that even on the first few days after surgery, Maddie was much more interactive with her environment.  And, we were able to discontinue the glasses so that everyone could see Maddie’s gorgeous straight green eyes.

Maddie’s Parents Say…

“We first met with Dr. Wong when Maddie was 6 months old. Maddie clearly had a case of Esotropia (strabismus) and corrective glasses were not helping. Dr. Wong took extra time to explain how Esotropia manifests itself in children and detailed the potential causes based on Maddie’s vision test results. Since time is of great importance with Esotropia (the sooner you fix it, the better for your child’s development), we were able to work with Dr. Wong to come to a decisive conclusion that surgery was the best option for Maddie. Even though she was only 8 months old at the time of surgery, the rewards greatly outweighed any potential risks. As we expected, the surgery went off smoothly and was considered a success.

Twenty four hours after surgery Maddie was back to her old self. A week later we noticed dramatic improvements in her fine motor skills, pincer technique (picking up cheerios), and general interest in interacting with her environment. From that point forward, she kept making improvements and has met every developmental benchmark. Maddie has since started walking at 16 months old and is a healthy, active toddler.

Dr. Wong is a highly skilled professional. We would trust any of our children in her hands, and we hope you will too. “