Dr. Jeffrey Wong performed cataract surgery on my left eye in 2011, using a special toric intraocular lens which corrected all of my astigmatism in that eye. Without glasses, my left eye can see 20/20, unaided! The entire experience of having cataract surgery with Dr. Wong, from the first consultation to the post operative follow up exam was one I wholeheartedly recommend as everything was first class!
Joe Moore – Cataract Surgery with Toric Intraocular Lens
Dr’s Wong and Bossert, I’m a few days after my second cataract procedure, as you know. I was anxious and concerned throughout the entire process, even though I knew I was in good hands. The procedure(s) themselves were duck soup, as they say, but the in between period, “feeling” my new vision in one eye, comparing it to the other eye, wondering whether I would be able to adjust to the new way of seeing, worried whether my two eyes would line up, worried about everything I could to find to worry about – all of that evaporated the day I walked out of my second procedure and saw the world for the first time with both eyes. .
Mike W. – Cataract Surgery
Dr. Jeffery Wong and Staff, My cataracts crept up on me over a period of years. Slowly, night driving was becoming more difficult due to the glare of oncoming traffic, I was having an increasingly difficult time seeing people seated indoors in front of bright windows, deciphering illuminated clock numbers in the middle of the night. Dr. Wong was extremely patient with my lengthy questions, equivocations and retreats to “think it over,” all of which delayed things for nearly a year.
Allan Izen – Cataract Surgery
About a year ago, I received cataract surgery from Dr. Jeffrey Wong. Every aspect of the care from initial consultation through post op follow-up was superb. The cataract surgery itself was a totally painless and simple procedure from my point of view. Any initial apprehensions I had about a surgical procedure on a sensitive organ like the eye proved totally unwarranted. The resulting change from near-sightedness with cataracts to near 20-20 clear vision was truly astounding, and without any recovery discomfort or complications. I heartily recommend Dr. Wong and the staff of Honolulu Eye Clinic at every opportunity. Charles Hanebuth
Charles E. Hanebuth – Cataract Surgery
I am writing this letter, regarding my experience with my cataract surgery & post op care with Dr. Jeffrey Wong & Staff of The Honolulu Eye Clinic. My surgery was just “oustanding.” Dr. Jeffrey Wong & Staff did a superb job and I thank them for all they have done, to help one to see better and to make living a whole lot easier. To all of you, for a job well done & greatly appreciated. Much Mahalo’s – Thank you from Rochell Chip
Rochelle Chip – Cataract Surgery
Dr. Jeffery Wong and Staff, It has been several months since my cataract surgery and things are going very well. My eyesight was so bad that I was not supposed to be driving. I failed the eye test Dr. Jeff gave me and that was a wakeup call. I did my own research online as to who I wanted to do the surgery with, which was very important to me seeing as how I have been blind in my left eye since the age of three. After my research I decided that Dr. Jeff was the best person for me
Guy K. Joao – Cataract Surgery
To Dr Jeffrey Wong & Staff My two-eye cataract surgery was a “Miracle” for me! Since I am now past 88, it’s a little hard to remember my youth…but I dare say…my eye sight is now better than when I was a boy! Mahalo nui loa
Roman Tanner – Cataract Surgery
To Dr Jeffrey Wong & Staff Thank you so much for a great job on my eyes. Your Staff is Great. God bless. Your pal always. Tommy D 15 July 2011
Tommy D – Cataract Surgery
I was referred to Dr. Jeff Wong by my primary care doctor, Nadine Tenn-Salle. I had a wonderful experience interacting with Dr. Wong”s staff. When I saw and talked with Dr. Wong, he explained options and procedures of the removal of cataracts and lens implants.
Tracy Williams – Cataract Surgery with Toric Intraocular Lens
I am 47-years-old and have worn thick glasses since I was 7-years-old. Furthermore, several years ago, my eye doctors began telling me I had cataracts and I began to notice that, even though I had new glasses, I was still having difficulty seeing clearly. I was initially apprehensive about having my eyes operated on, but, after almost failing the eye test to renew my driver’s license and after realizing that stronger lenses were not going to solve the problem, I decided that I had to take the leap and have cataract surgery. more
Brian Vincent – Cataract Surgery
Our eyes may be small, but they certainly do rule the roost when it comes to our bodies. I had been told that our eyes must always be level or our body will adjust itself to make sure that happens. Our knees, hips and spine will crinkle and shift until our eyes are balanced. Also, they say our eyes are a mirror to our soul and the lighthouse to our brain. These certainly are scary thoughts when you realize something is very wrong with your eyes and things have become a blur.
Cynthia Iverson – The Eyes Have It – Cataract Surgery with a Restor Lens
I wanted to thank you again for your help with my cataract. My only regret is that I did not come to you sooner. You and your staff were so kind, knowledgeable, and professional that you put me at ease from our first phone call to our last appointment. Each of you took the extra time to show me the care and concern that made the difference between being just another customer and being a genuinely cared for human being. That’s what used to be called old fashioned “bedside manner”; and you folks still really have it. That was very important to me. more
Bryan Fitzgerald – Cataract Surgery
Niko is a young, active boy who came in to see Dr. Rupa Wong for decreased vision. She diagnosed him with cataracts and performed cataract removal and lens implantation in each eye. Since then, Niko’s vision has improved to almost 20/20 and for the first time after surgery, he remarked “I can finally see the clock in school!”. His school performance has improved and he is able to participate in the regular activities of being a kid…
Niko – Pediatric Cataract
“My name is Glen Matsumoto. Since the fourth grade (1945), I have depended on my glasses to see and to survive. On August 21, 2008 I had my initial eye examination with Dr. Jeffrey J. Wong at Honolulu Eye Clinic at which time I was informed that I needed to have cataract surgery. I agreed to have the surgery as I did have difficulty reading the eye chart. Dr. Jeffrey J. Wong was very concerned about my eye situation and was personally involved in checking my eyes for the new lens”…
Glen Matsumoto – Cataract Surgery
This patient recently underwent cataract surgery with mutifocal IOL’s, and is now able to see both at distance and up close: “Dr. Jeff, as I like to call Dr. Wong, takes all your anxiety and worry away from cataract surgery. With his patient, quiet and calm manner, he fully explains the procedures, answers all your questions and gets you fully prepared for the operation. The operation itself was a painless, quick and surprisingly pleasant event. There was immediate improvement in my vision. I have not seen this well since high school. Dr. Jeff is assisted with an able and efficient staff not only in his office but at the hospital where the surgery is performed. Lastly, the cost was fair and reasonable. I recommend him to you… I’m 72 and seeing like a teenager again!” – Jim Stanton
Jim Stanton – Cataract Surgery with Multifocal IOL’s
My name is Forest Cutright and I have had strabismus all my life. Nothing was done about it when I was younger and in my teens on I was always told that there was nothing anyone could do about it. Every time I asked my eye care professional about it, I was told that I was too old and no one would work on a person my age. It was very embarrassing; I lost jobs and opportunities because of the way I looked. When I was younger I was teased so often that I hated looking at myself in the mirror. Even as an adult I would never look at my reflection.
Forest Cutright – Strabismus surgery
Dear Dr. Rupa Wong, Thank you for fixing my eye, I can see much better now. Thank you very very much. Now in school I can see my work clear. I can work better. Sincerely, Hyacinth Drew
Hyacinth – Strabismus surgery
Dear Doctor Wong, Please accept my sincere gratitude for your competent, concise prognosis, surgery and treatment. I am completely satisfied. Both you and your staff are professional and committed. I will always recommend you highly. My husband and I send our best wishes for continued success.
Diana Gaeta – Strabismus surgery
I highly recommend Dr. Rupa Wong for anyone who is looking for surgery to correct misalignment of the eyes. Very professional staff and excellent outcome from the operation. I’m really pleased and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Wong looking for this type of surgery. I found the that the new adjustable suture procedure really helped in my case because adjustment was required {post-operatively}.
David Kaneshiro – Strabismus surgery with adjustable sutures
Kaliu came to see Dr. Wong after he had sustained an injury to his right eye when he was accidentally hit with a baseball bat. Since then, he had lost vision in the right eye and as a consequence it started to cross in. After a consultation with Dr. Rupa Wong, Kaliu’s mother learned that strabismus surgery was possible to align the eye. Kaliu eagerly anticipated surgery and the day that his eye would look normal again. Immediately after surgery, he and his mom were thrilled with the results. The eye was a bit red, but it was straight. The redness completely resolved with time and Kaliu now has no reason to feel embarrassed about his eyes.
Kaliu – Esotropia, Strabismus Surgery
Maddie and her mom came to see Dr. Rupa Wong when Maddie was just 6 months old. She was a beautiful girl with big gorgeous green eyes, but Maddie’s mom was worried that her eyes were crossed. After a full exam, Dr. Wong diagnosed Maddie with esotropia. Esotropia is a type of misalignment of the eyes in which the eyes cross in towards the nose. Since Maddie was also a bit farsighted, glasses were prescribed to see if this could align her eyes without surgery. Maddie returned one month later and since her eyes were still crossing the same amount, surgery was discussed…
Maddie – Esotropia
“Dear Dr. Rupa, Thank you for fixing my strabismus! I have regained confidence in my appearance through your quick and effective surgery. Your attention to detail and caring personality made me comfortable that I made the correct decision when I chose the Honolulu Eye Clinic to correct my strabismus. -Joel”…
Joel Cantor – Lazy Eye – Strabismus Surgery with Adjustable suture
“Dear Dr. Wong, Thank you so much for giving me back my eye-sight, after almost six years of frustrating double-vision. I picked up my eye glasses yesterday from Kevin. It’s a miracle! I feel 20 years younger. What a blessing that you took over Dr. Edward’s patients. Mahalo, Mahalo for your remarkable talent and expertise. Warmest Aloha – Louise”…
Louise – Resolved double vision after adjustable suture Strabismus Surgery
I should have had strabismus surgery years ago. In exchange for a few hours, my double vision, difficulty while driving, and problems reading a book or a newspaper completely disappeared. Dr. Rupa Wong performed the surgery at the Queens outpatient facility. Before the surgery she carefully explained the procedure and gave me an information packet, so there were no surprises and no anxiety. I knew that the surgery would be outside the eye, and that she would fine-tune it with an adjustable suture which would later dissolve and disappear…
Larry Geller – Strabismus Surgery
“Experiencing double vision at sixty-seven years of age may not be anything new, but it certainly added to making my life more difficult than necessary. A new prescription every year only caused my glasses to grow in thickness, until finally the optician’s equipment could not read the prescription. For years I dealt with double vision which only grew worse as the years passed. Reading – following the lines of type across the printed – became impossible, and the headaches created by the strain of trying to read became severe. It got to the point where I completely gave up even trying to read. In stepped Dr. Rupa Wong of the Honolulu Eye Clinic with her skillful mind, hands and eyes. Strabismus was a word I had not heard before, but I grew to know it well. Within minutes of waking up after Dr. Wong performed the surgery, I could plainly see the X on the wall from across the room – without glasses. That was a little over one year ago. Today, my eyesight is almost 20/20, even at great distances. Seeing well is no longer a hassle. Reading has become a new pastime, and I only use glasses to read the small printed words at the bottom of the television screen from across the room. And, I wear glasses for driving a car. Thank you, Dr. Wong!”
Arnold Bitner – Double Vision / Strabismus Surgery w/ Adjustable suture
Gladys had been experiencing double vision ever since her cataract surgery. In her own words, “I had a difficult time reading and I was told by my ophthalmologist who performed the cataract surgery that I had a lazy eye. I was referred to Dr. Rupa Wong for evaluation. At first she gave me prisms in glasses which relieve my double vision, but I had to wear glasses continuously when awake to be able to see singly. I was eager to have surgery, but Dr. Wong insisted on waiting the appropriate amount of time to ensure that my double vision would not get better on its own. Since it didn’t improve after 6 months, surgery was decided upon. Dr. Wong performed theadjustable suture technique of surgery on me. I love it now because it is a big relief to not see double. I’m very happy with the result and the adjustment was not too bad, I didn’t have any discomfort. If you have double vision, Dr. Rupa will take care of it!”
Gladys – Double Vision / Adult Strabismus with Adjustable Suture
“When professionalism, clinical expertise, and efficency matches authentic interpersonal concern, a patient cannot fail to benefit. This was my experience with Dr. Rupa Wong.”
Dr. John Keenan
“Dr. Bosset was very friendly and informative. She answered all of my questions in a way that I could understand and put me at ease. ”
Marie Macias
“I found Dr. Jeff Wong very knowledgeable, professional and personable. I asked several questions and he was terrific answering them. The only thing I would comment on, is to have staff remind patients that if they are to have eyes dialated during an exam, that seeing would be difficult for several hours afterwards and driving possibly dangerous so take appropriate measures…”
Fran Gendrano
“The staff was pleasant and courteous. I was seen at my appt time — did not have to wait! Office clean, spacious. This was my first visit so I filled out the patient questionnaire — this was a lengthy questionnaire (though I understand it is very necessary, and I appreciate the doctor wanting to acquire this information). The words were a bit small, and boxes to check off/fill in were on the small side — I think an older person would have difficulty with this. I would definitely return when I need opthamology services.”
“As always, a very pleasant experience. Liked Kevin [our optician] also, who provided me with many options as to different frames to get. Always professional and helpful.”
Donna Tam
“Excellent. We actually showed up on the wrong date and the staff were very accomodating in seeing {my son] Tyler despite this. Staff and doctor(s) are very professional and make for a very pleasant “going to the doctor” experience. Much mahalos to all of you.”
Alejandro Ramos
“Excellent service, I felt confident with the Dr. Good explanation…in layman’s terms!”
James Tomasi
“Awesome staff! I appreciate the email reminding me of my appt”
Laura Fujimoto