Patient Testimonials – Before and After Pictures

Kaliu – Esotropia, Strabismus Surgery

Before surgery

Kaliu came to see Dr. Wong after he had sustained an injury to his right eye when he was accidentally hit with a baseball bat.  Since then, he had lost vision in the right eye and as a consequence it started to cross in.  After a consultation with Dr. Rupa Wong, Kaliu’s mother learned that strabismus surgery was possible to align the eye.  Kaliu eagerly anticipated surgery and the day that his eye would look normal again.

Immediately after surgery, he and his mom were thrilled with the results.  The eye was a bit red, but it was straight.  The redness completely resolved with time and Kaliu now has no reason to feel embarrassed about his eyes.

Mandy Lawther (Keawe’s mom)

One week after surgery

“Thank you so much for seeing our son and helping us discover his eye sight. His every day life has improved so much.



6 months after surgery